Today, we have been at the event “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Pharma” at the Bio-M Institute in Martinsried, Munich.

It was organized by the Alumni Association of the MPI of Biochemistry in Martinsried with the goal of bringing together scientific and business leader to discuss latest trends and issues of AI & Big Data in Pharma.

There were leading people from Digital Units from leading Pharma companies, Investors and leading AI startups in the biotech space.

Our manager Justus Wolff presented the AI in Healthcare space with a particular focus on enterprise values and strategy of these companies.

One of the key takeaways has been the aspect of “translators”: Disruptive companies and business models can be established when people from different field – technology, science & business – come together, understand each others´ problems and work together to solve it for a great, common vision.

It was the first of three events around that topic organized by the Alumni Association of MPI. The next event is planned in the summer – stay tuned!