Syte as coorganizer of the Hospitalar Digital Healthcare Forum






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Bruno Soares






The largest healthcare fair in Latin America (more than 90.000 visitors)

Pictures Hospitalar 2016

Syte Digital Health Conference Lisbon 2016

Digital Health conference with medical doctors and experts as for instance Prof. Schmailzl (Head of Department of Cardiology of Ruppiner Clinics), Prof. Baumgart (Founder of largest Check Up Clinic in Europe), Prof. Jefferson Fernandes (Hospital Alemao Oswaldo Cruz) and others


Syte as Host of the eHealth Venture Summit 2015 at Medica

Impressions of the eHealth Venture Summit at Medica, the world’s largets medical fair (17.11.2015)

EVS 2015 - 2 IMG_3275 EVS 2015 - 1 IMG_3277Venture_allVenture_Abschluss