Key Words in Digital Health – A brief Glossary by Syte

A summary of the most important terms within the field of Digital Health.

A must have for a well-educated leader.


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A brief guide to Digital Health for Insurance Companies

Additional revenue streams and cost savings for insurances based on global Digital Health projects

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Digital Health Investment Study

Digital Health investment market study regarding investment trends (Top 30 strategic and financial investors) and analysis of respective 600 latest healthcare start up investments. Conclusions for key funding fields, current medical and business focus areas and investment strategies.

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DESTHINY: “Digital Health Ecosystems in Rivalry” Study

Analysis of success factors for global Digital Health Hubs including 25 leading Hubs on all continents. Benchmarking through a global ranking of the Digital Health Hubs based on quantitative scoring criteria showing key success drivers and development trends in each region. Conclusions regarding growth of competitiveness of the Digital Health ecosystems, fast track internationalization strategies for startups und investment allocation.

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Other Publications of members of the Syte group

Other publications of the Syte Group include:

  • Strategy and business models in e-Health – a global analysis
  • Mobile applications and management of hypertension
  • User Profiles of a Smartphone Application to Support Drug Adherence
  • Big Data in Science and Healthcare


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