Teaser Overview: Global Syte studies in Digital Health

Digital Health Investment Study

Content: Digital Health investment market study regarding investment trends (Top 30 strategic and financial investors) and analysis of respective 600 latest healthcare start up investments. Conclusions for key funding fields, current medical and business focus areas and investment strategies.

Syte Investment Study Teaser


DESTHINY: “Digital Health Ecosystems in Rivalry” Study

Content: Analysis of success factors for global Digital Health Hubs including 25 leading Hubs on all continents. Benchmarking through a global ranking of the Digital Health Hubs based on quantitative scoring criteria showing key success drivers and development trends in each region. Conclusions regarding growth of competitiveness of the Digital Health ecosystems, fast track internationalization strategies for startups und investment allocation.

Syte Dhestiny Study Teaser

Syte Conference Vietnam – Overview

160901 Graphic Syte Conference

The Syte Digital Health Conference Ho Chí Minh City contains industry specific digital health strategy discussions and digital health start up presentations under inclusion of globally leading players.

Overall agenda:

Welcome guests

Keynote: Digital Health in SEA – Challenges and Opportunities

Overview about concrete Digital Health applications in Vietnam
Panel discussion
Tea break
Presentation: Syte DHESTINY Study – Digital Health opportunities and challenges of Vietnam and Singapore in global comparison (DHESTINY- International Digital Health Hub in Rivalry Study)
Presentation: Syte Investment Study – Analysis of 600 Digital Health investments of the top 30 Venture Capital firms globally (Finance study)
Real life case study: How to successfully leverage Digital Health: CLAS Healthcare
Presentation: Outlook about key developments in Digital Health
Closing remarks

160901 SYTE Vietnam Conference Summay